Monday, November 16, 2015

Day One!!


This morning Daniel & I had the conversation we have been dancing around the edges of for the last two years or so. We have both had a growing desire for our family's eating habits to more strongly reflect our values. But neither of us were ready to take the plunge.

What are our values? 
For me I value eating foods that are simple & nutritious. I value a plant based diet. Ideally locally grown and sustainably sourced foods. For my husband he has had a growing moral dilemma around the issue of animal exploitation. So while our motivations are different we are both coming to this with a desire to transition our family away from a traditional diet and towards a diet that reflects our values and for us, as a couple, that means going vegan.


What is our family like?
We have six children, ages 13 to 2 months. Our oldest three are girls our youngest there are boys. Our oldest four kids go to public school. We live (for now) in a little house in the Deep South. My husband is in the HVAC business. We don't have a lot of disposable income, so it will be really important for us to find ways to transition to a vegan diet that don't drastically change our food budget.

I am so excited!!
Just making this decision has given me a HUGE boost of energy. I am really really excited about trying new things and having this common interest, and goals to work on with my husband.

Why blog about it?
I really want to remember this journey. I want to use the blog to save (and share) recipes that work for our family. Have a place to vent about the highs and lows of making a big change in how we are doing things as a family.

I recorded a video blog for the first time in forever. I want to try to do these pretty regularly. I just had to dive in and record it, even if I wasn't totally "put together" Grayson is having one of those "I'm going to cry whenever Mommy puts me down" days so I haven't had a shower and I've hardly gotten anything done but here we go...

View this on YouTube by clicking here

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